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The windshield's bigger than the mirror!

Thanks for stopping by! We’re the Temple Family: Jeff (dad), Lily (mom), Brooks (4yo at launch), Georgia (3yo at launch), Laramie (1yo at launch), and our elderly dogs Jack and Luna (home bound). So how did we kick this thing off? Shortly after Georgia was born and the pandemic started, Jeff proposed we sell our house, buy a trailer, and live full time on the road. Squeezing an infant and newborn into a trailer sounded a bit insane to me, and selling the house was a hard no. But I promised not to let his dream die and we tabled the discussion. Over the next two years, we collected inspiration for the RV adventure and we would talk about how it could become reality, but it never felt like the right time to leave. Fast forward to the end of 2022. Our third baby, Laramie, arrived in July of that year, and our already chaotic lives were upended even more. We felt like we were playing a never ending game of jumanji. We had to get out! One tearful night, I told Jeff I didn’t think I could keep working and nursing a baby and taking care of kids who were home sick all the time, and he saw the window of opportunity open. He said, “you should quit your job. . . . and then I should quit mine and we should do our RV trip!” And so we did! We set our launch date 6 months out and decided on the goal of spending about a year on the road. Our pups are too old and big for the journey, so they stayed at our home with one of their favorite people moving in to take care of them—my brother Will. We planned some key stops right off the bat, but much of the trip had yet to be mapped as we neared our departure date. Feel free to check back to see where the road has taken us!


Our Route

Follow along as we track our journey

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Our second month took us from Palisade, CO to Benton, LA!  Since departure in July we have covered a bit over 2200 miles! 

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Heading our 3rd month on the road we departed Shreveport, LA to make our way south to the Gulf Shores of Alabama with a short overnight just outside Mobile.  After some sun and sand on the coast we headed north to Decatur, AL and on to Fall Creek Falls State Park in Spencer, Tennessee.

Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 8_edited.jpg

Our 4th month on the road took us from Spencer Tennessee, where we stayed in an epic state park, Fall Creek Falls. Then we made our way east, first hitting our longest stay yet, in Asheville, NC (partly because our truck needed repair!) then had an amazing visit to the Onks family farm in Roxboro.  From NC we made stops in Myrtle Beach,  Charleston, SC, and Hilton Head Island.  We met some wonderful families and managed to sneak in watching one east coast beach sunrise before we started south to Savannah, GA and St. Augustine, FL.  This leg of our journey ended in Orlando, FL where we connected with family for Thanksgiving and took in some of that Disney magic! 

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