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Three days to launch!

It's Thursday, July 6th, and we have three days to go until we're living full-time in our fifth wheel. We had a brief scare over the weekend when it seemed as if we had somehow blown out our solar batteries and the master bedroom AC. We had managed to back the fifth wheel all the way down our street and parked it outside our house so we could show it off during our goodbye party on July 1st (and 40th bday for me and 1st bday celebration for Laramie!), and Jeff tried to hook it up to the house power. It blew a fuse in the house so we switched it to a 30amp generator, which worked except for the master AC unit. We shrugged it off and enjoyed showing off our future home to all the guests, but the next morning, Jeff also discovered the battery was totally dead. Obviously, we cannot take off for the deep Nevada desert with no AC and no solar battery to power use if we need to boon dock, so we scrambled furiously to try to get the rig to a dealership for a checkup. Normally, warranty repairs take weeks and weeks, and we feared we might have to put the trip on hold and reassess the whole first leg. Luckily, Jeff was able to pull some strings thanks to his cousin Jim, a former president of Blue Compass RV who only just recently retired. We dropped everything and Jeff had to haul the fifth wheel to Manteca, where Manteca RV and Motorhome promised they'd do their best to get us on the road on time. Sure enough, the next day (4th of July no less!) they called with an update... the rig was totally fine! We were puzzled. We're still not sure what was (is?) wrong with the battery, which is apparently working fine at the dealership, but my dad solved the puzzle of the AC unit after Jeff explained what had happened. It turns out the 30-50 amp dongle (dog bone) that connects our generator to the rig was only sending power to one phase of our 220v system. Thankfully, all we needed was a new dog bone and we are back in business!

All that to say, we're still on track to be wheels up on the 9th. Having a huge party the week before departing probably wasn't the best plan. It took days to get the house organized again, and now we still have to pack everything up! Poor Will is moving in here tomorrow and it feels like a chaotic mess. I'm excited to start our adventure, but also VERY overwhelmed. It is nearly impossible to manage the kids and get anything done, so packing for the rig and clearing out the house for Will has been extremely haphazard. There are half-filled boxes, bags, and bins all over the house, along with piles of things to donate and go in the garbage, not to mention Will's pile of belongings waiting to be stowed away. As I type, Jeff is off to pick up the rig from the dealership in Manteca and plans to bring it to the house again so we can more easily pack it. Thank goodness we have such amazing neighbors who don't mind our enormous fifth wheel blocking the cul-de-sac for a few days!

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